I never took baby steps (Just started jumping into stuff)

Just a quick update today while I pat myself on the back for all I’ve managed to accomplish in this, the 1st month of the rest of my life.

Having declared 2014 was to be the year I became a Writer (with all its crazy 21st century trappings), I spent January 1st-10th reading massive quantities of advice in print and online.  Since then I have ventured outside my comfort zone and into the unknown.  To show for it:

  • My newly face-lifted blog has over 200 followers already!  (Thank you, one and all. Spread the good word.)
  • I began to “tweet” and have had tweets favorited and reposted by several large and noteworthy organizations (including the Philadelphia Times and Philadelphia Zoo).
  • I was nominated for the Liebster award for new blogs.
  • NPR Books quoted me!  (I’m geeking out over that one).
  • I sent out my first picture book submissions and my first query letters.
  • I’ve finished the 1st draft of 16 chapters of my chapter book.
  • I joined the SCBWI and got the really official-looking membership card to wave about officially.
  • I got on Pinterest, “pinned” a bunch of stuff, and still can’t get that excited about it.

It’s ALL a work in progress right now, but I never was one for baby steps once I set my mind to something.

April May 2010 005


April May 2010 014

Forget about set – let’s go!

April May 2010 008



12 thoughts on “I never took baby steps (Just started jumping into stuff)

    • Thanks, Julie. This is something I’ve been tiptoeing around for so long I knew I needed to go into it full speed ahead. Now to keep up the momentum. I’ve always been better at sprints than distance – time for that to change!


      • That’s awesome! Yes, stay at it, I know what you mean with that also. When the newness and fun go into mundane, it’s hard to keep interest with certain projects, but that’s one of the beauties of writing, is that it is something that is so versatile that it keeps you going. I think it’s a very brave move… I have been told that I need to make writing a career, but I haven’t been bold enough to even allow myself to think in that direction as of yet. It’s a hard field to break into, and for now I’m content with where I am. So, I’m excited to follow your journey too…Good Luck!!


    • Thanks so much. Knowing others are rooting for me – and that I can help support them – is what makes this community great. I never knew what I was missing before I started blogging!


  1. Wow! You are a powerful cannon shot! I am so glad you visited my blog so i could follow the breadcrumbs back and find all this! Can’t wait to explore your site…..Where do I sign up? (ps. New blogger here too, since Dec, and trying to learn the ropes has been challenging)


    • I’m glad to have found you, too. You can click the follow button in the sidebar on my blog to get my new posts in your Reader feed. I have some good resources that helped me get up to speed on basic blog stuff in my Links to Like page.


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