A peek at a potential picture book

Hi, readers!

Today I am featured on the blog of the delightful Susanna Hill. Susanna is an author of picture books and early readers, provides critiques and courses in picture book writing, and most recently presented at the West/Central NY SCBWI conference in Buffalo, NY. Her most recent PB is April Fool, Phyllis!

Susanna’s blog is a treasure trove of great ideas and resources for readers, writers, and lovers of children’s books!

Susanna runs a weekly Wednesday feature called Would You Read It? where authors can try out book ideas and pitches for feedback from the community. This week, you can drop by to learn about my picture book Dandelion Wishes. Please leave your thoughts – and check out the rest of Susanna’s site while you’re there! Here’s your link!

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out and share my Readers ABC Challenge with your friends! It’s a simple way to explore the many kinds of literacy with kids ages 4-15, and everyone who enters has a chance to win great prizes!





9 thoughts on “A peek at a potential picture book

    • It’s been so fun and helpful to get feedback. It’s a wonderful idea to let authors try out their pitches this way! I hope you had time to catch up on work and enjoy something chocolate-y during the day!


  1. VEry cool, Katey. IT was great to see all the feedback you are getting over on the other site. I agree that your most recent draft makes more sense than the first. I also think that they should marvel ‘at’ the seasons, not ‘in’ them.


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