Kid Literature Authors website with Karen Emma Hall

Karen Emma Hall (known on twitter as @peachyemma) has done an incredible job launching a new website that serves as resource, promotional tool, inspiration and community service all rolled into one for those interested in children’s literature. The mission of Kid Literature Authors is to bring together people who care about getting great books into the hands of kids so that they can meet, learn and help one another. Only a few weeks in, the site has a wide reach and a growing following.

I’m honored to have contributed a guest post to the site, explaining how my initial reticence to use social media as an aspiring author has completely turned around – and expounding on the reasons I think technology and social media are more of a help than a hindrance in efforts to promote literacy.

“Peachyemma” and I would really appreciate it if you click on through to read the whole post – and check out the rest of the website while you’re at it.

Bloggers interested in contributing can contact Karen through the site’s form, located here. You can also follow Kid Literature authors on Facebook by clicking here.

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