Family Reading Resolutions

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Where did  December come from? Where did it go? Are you as busy as I am right about now? Amidst the noise and confusion of last-minute wrapping, non-stop baking, and building blanket forts with my kids, I’ve been trying to steal a few quiet moments to think about what comes next.

My new year is already stacking up to be full of adventure and excitement – a trip to London, a vacation in Mexico, a school musical, a recycled mural project – there’s so much in the works. My fingers (and toes) are crossed that the new year also brings a new book deal (or two, or six…never hurts to dream big.)

But between the wild adventures and amazing milestones, there is the day-to-day. And I have big hopes for that, too. I’m hoping to make small, daily choices that deepen my children’s love of reading, that expand their horizons beyond their personal experiences, that feed their passions for learning and imagination. To that end, I’m making a special list of resolutions.

If the idea of making reading a bigger part of your family life in 2016 appeals to you, too, then please download a copy of my FAMILY READING RESOLUTION printable. It includes 12 resolutions to help make reading a fun part of family life. Choose and customize the resolutions that work for your family – or try to accomplish them all.


In the coming months, I’ll be revisiting my progress on these resolutions, as well as posting lots of great tips and ideas for your families.  You can share your own ideas in the comments section below. Use the #raisingreaders hashtag on twitter and Instagram to share on those platforms, too.  Happy holidays, everyone!





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