#RaisingReaders Monday: November is Picture Book Month!

This week, I could say plenty about why picture books are important.

I could make you a list of my favorites.

I could tell you about the ones I’m working on.

OR – I could take the combined wisdom and energy of many other wonderful bloggers, writers, and literacy experts and bring all of it here to you in the form of some handy-dandy favorite links!

Halloween wore me out. I’m taking the easy road this week.

  1. My favorite site for bouncing picture book ideas off of other writers: Susanna Leonard Hill’s Would You Read It?
  2. My favorite place to find books and educational resources for the littlest readers: No Time For Flashcards.
  3. The best place to go if you want picture book inspiration: Tara Lazar’s Picture Book Idea Month site.
  4. The top trainers to whip your rhyming picture book muscles into shape: The Meter Maids.
  5. The best site to answer the question: Why are Picture Books Important? Picture Book Month.
  6. Most Pin-tastic place for picture books by theme or age group: Pragmaticmom!
  7. Greatest Facebook-er to follow for picture book crafts and activities: Growing Book by Book.
  8. Favorite place to browse and buy picture books: Jazams in Princeton, NJ.
  9. Best list of picture books to give as gifts: What Do We Do All Day.
  10. Most awesome collection of picture book art: The Carle Museum.
  11. Greatest place to find videos of celebs reading picture books: Storyline Online. (Personal fave is Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog!)
  12. My favorite small publisher of picture books: Sleeping Bear Press.
  13. Favorite picture-book-giving charity/outreach organization: First Book.
  14. Favorite way to connect with other kidlit writers (and find all their blogs): SCBWI.
  15. Favorite place to read a new (or old) favorite picture book: check it out.

Click, explore, enjoy…and celebrate Picture Book Month with the ones you love!

Happy reading!